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Welcome to the Master Jonathan Test Wiki

This is a personal test wiki for Master Jonathan. If you want to use this wiki to perform a test, please ask at User talk:Master Jonathan first to ensure that you don't interrupt a test in progress.

Scripts on this wiki, some of which you can use!

Script Status Description/Notes
User:Master Jonathan/monobook.js N/A Personal file where I activate scripts in testing. Not intended to be used by others
User:Master Jonathan/fastDeleteCustom.js STABLE Customized version of w:c:starwars:MediaWiki:Gadget-fastdelete.js. Only for use on Wookieepedia. Should work in both skins, but Oasis compatibility not guaranteed.
User:Master Jonathan/dropDownMenus.js

User:Master Jonathan/dropDownMenus-languages.js
User:Master Jonathan/dropDownMenus.css

BETA Modified version of wikipedia:User:Haza-w/cactions.js for use on Wikia. Not completely tested, but should work without majorly breaking anything. Documentation for the Wikipedia version is at wikipedia:User:Haza-w/Drop-down menus; most of it applies to this version as well. Wikia-specific documentation will come later. Monobook only, will silently fail in Oasis. Vector support is included in case Wikia decides to offer it at a later time.
User:Master Jonathan/diffWookCustom.js STABLE Customized version of w:c:firefly:User:Grunny/diffWook.js. Only for use on Wookieepedia. Should work in both skins, but Oasis compatibility not guaranteed.
User:Master Jonathan/userInfoLinks.js STABLE Adds two additional tabs when on user/user talk pages, one to the user's edit count and one to their AbuseFilter log. Designed for Monobook, unlikely to work in Oasis.
User:Master Jonathan/deleteClearButton.js STABLE Adds a button to delete form to clear the reason field with one click. Tested only on Monobook, unknown whether it works in Oasis.
User:Master Jonathan/adminColoredTabs.js STABLE Colors the edit and move tabs and section edit links to indicate protection level for that action—either orange background for semi-protection (edit only) or white text on red background for full protection. Also appends a bold (protected) to the "upload new version" link on file pages when the file is upload protected. Monobook only.

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Week 53: December 28, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Short tests


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